Wintery White Tulips

January 5, 2018

We made a day trip on Wednesday to visit with Ted’s mom. We beat this big storm by a day, which was lucky as it is lovely being cocooned in the house surrounded by all this snow. I always liken it to being inside a snow globe. I made a quick dash into the Whole Foods on the way out of Montclair and they had buckets of these happy, happy tulips. They made the journey with us north, and will be perfect for the dinner party we are hosting this eve. I am so often drawn to the white ones at the beginning of the tulip season, hothouse and field, as I love their simplicity. Plus, in this case, they do work pretty swell with all the Hawthorne green. The stems were quite long and I really wanted to use the big vintage vessel that I found a few trips back in Connecticut. So I just cleaned the stems up and laid them long ways so they rested on the lip. Once the tulips started drinking the water they naturally perked up and started to curl upwards to the light. They are our Flower Friday blooms of the week.