What Is Old Is New Again

February 6, 2018

Collecting vintage goods can be recycling at its stylish best. Something old becomes new again when it gets a new home. The history and soul that lives with the object is part of the attraction.

While on my San Francisco trip last week I hopped over to Berkeley for a lovely, lively 6 hours of seeing old friends, meeting new, shopping and dining. 

I could never go to Berkeley without paying homage to Tail of the Yak. For 47 years they have been been an inspiration to those who have shopped there from around the globe. In the space, you are transported. Good retail, no, make that the best retail achieves that. They do it in spades. Look for a post about shopping there in the coming weeks.

I spotted two pair of vintage wood candlesticks that I just knew would find a happy home at The Gainsborough. Take-out was on the menu last night and we thought they could go for their inaugural spin in their new home. Hand-rolled beeswax candles slipped in ever so perfectly and we were off and running.