Meyer Lemon Marinated Olives

February 21, 2018

We received a box of Meyer lemons in the mail from friends in Healdsburg. They know us well! So we have been enjoying every slice and drop of the magical juice they produce. We had a ton of olives in the fridge so I thought I would infuse them with some of that Meyer lemon goodness. Plus these make great host/hostess gifts too. Easy as pie. Here is how I did it.

Slice up a lemon or two depending on the size and how many containers you are filling. Peel the paper off of one garlic clove and cut in half. That is really all the work, now you assemble. Lay a lemon slice or two on the bottom of the container. Then add some olives, really whatever olive you like best or have around. They can be pitted or not. Then add a piece of the garlic clove and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes, for a little layered heat. Cover all with extra virgin olive oil. Repeat until the container is filled. Be as artistic as you want when filling. You will use a good amount of olive oil, but never fear, it also becomes infused with the Meyer lemon oil and is spectacular to use when cooking fish or making a vinaigrette. Let the whole thing marinate on the counter for a few days. Then they are ready to enjoy. Refrigerate after a few days and let come to room temp when serving the olives to really bring out all the flavor. They just get more and more infused the longer the olives marinate. Serve just as is or alongside cheese and baguette. The olives are also crazy good chopped up with some of the oil and mix with a bit of feta atop a piece of halibut.