Rest In Peace, Kate Spade

June 7, 2018

Kate Spade has been on my mind weighing heavily on my heart since first reading of the news of her death while waiting to board our plane the other day back to Seattle. Like so many of us, I had never met her but was completely taken with her absolutely brilliant unique style the moment she hit the design scene, now many, many years ago. We were the same age and were both born in Kansas City. We have sold her books at the shops the moment she began as a lifestyle author, always feeling a kinship with this lovely woman. When it was reported she had committed suicide, I was devastated. Both TPS & I have had family members with mental illness commit suicide. I read an article yesterday that quoted her sister, saying for years they wanted her to seek help but she resisted out of fear that people would find out. This broke my heart even further. There should be absolutely no shame involved with mental illness. We as a society need to talk about this more and remove the stigma associated with it. There are so many avenues for help, but they must be sought out. A person should not feel alone, but rather embraced by family, friends and professionals who can help. The below peonies at the Market spoke to me of her. I know she would have loved them. Rest In Peace, Kate.