Blankets & Throws & Throws & Blankets at WK

August 25, 2018

With a slight chill in the air in the eve, the arrival of swell blankets & throws are quite well timed. I love a good throw. For a host of reasons really. At Hawthorne and at WestWard every sofa arm or back has a throw on it. We just like the coziness of it, that at any moment you might want to curl up with a book or take a quick nap. A blanket is just a reach away. I also like them for over your lap in the car or at a stadium watching a game. They even work in a pinch for an impromptu picnic blanket. The below could also be a quite jaunty bulky scarf at a moments notice. Our blanket and throw shelf at the First & Spring shop growing each day. Look for a new section of them coming to the Market location too in the coming weeks.