November 20, 2018

Home. The importance of it runs so deep in my bones I have made it part of my profession. The loss of one’s home and all of your belongings is on some level almost too much to comprehend, but for many it becomes a reality. This is one of my views from my favorite chair out at WestWard. I sat and pondered yesterday about what could be done for our friend Tami, who lost her home in Paradise filled with objects from a lifetime of collecting beautiful things. I have been in contact with her via text and she and her family are safe & sound. A reality she is so grateful for and is clinging to as she knows not all families have been as fortunate. I can’t begin to imagine the range of emotions for so many people who have been effected by the California fires. On this week of thanks, we must all take a moment to give thanks for our safety and the comforts of our home.

Tami is one of those friends who sends gifts out of the blue, for no reason. You open up the parcel and it contains some magical vintage piece you never knew you could live without. We have so many little treasures dotting our daily lives that make me think of her. To think of all her small treasures she has collected over her lifetime just gone, it breaks my heart as I know how much meaning many of those things had to her. So this is my idea I would like to share with you. If it works to help out, fabulous, and absolutely no sweat, if not.

I know many of my readers are like Tami and me, collecting ‘things’ with meaning is a way of life. Let’s share an object from our collections with her. It will be a way for her to rebuild her home and possessions, filled with love. Be it a silver knife to use when serving cheese, to a candlestick to light the way, or a beautiful bowl to serve nuts in. Something vintage that holds meaning to you that you think she would like. Ideally something on the smaller side, as I will package many things up at once and send various parcels over time. Please write a note with your thoughts on the object so she remembers it is from you. Even though she does not know you, she will remember the incredibly kind gesture. Include your name on the note too. Send to me in Seattle and I will package up things from you all and get them to her once she figures out where she will be living. Her new home will start out with things filled with love from folks around the globe. What an awesome thought. XO, Ted

Please send to her attention at the Home store and I will gather up things and send them on. Watson Kennedy Fine Home c/o Tami 1022 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98104