A Boxing Day Table For 14

Our new tradition of flying to Hawthorne on Christmas Day also includes hosting a Boxing Day supper the next day. This year it was a family affair with folks coming from Montclair, Albany and Troy. Simple potted paperwhites would be the centerpiece of the table. When we bought the metal topped dining table when we first got the house, we actually bought 2. The legs fold so we keep the spare in the basement. It is quite nifty because it saddles up ever so nicely as a pair, giving us lots of extra seating to accommodate more guests. We used 2 fern laden matching tablecloths so the tables became a cohesive whole. Then it was a smattering of glassybaby vessels along with the pair of jaunty green Dunes & Duchess candelabras and we were off and running. Citrus with thyme salmon, cauliflower and broccoli purée, along with Parmesan smashed Yukon gold potatoes was the meal. Tons of chatting, lots of laughs, deep discussions and a good deal of wine. A pretty swell evening to kick-off our stay.

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  1. Happiest New Year to you, Mr. S., and Bailey!!!

    If you could, I would love to know the name of the china you used for your beautiful Boxing Day table!
    No worries if you don’t get off a reply, I don’t want to add to your stress or “list of things to do!”

    Much love,
    Linda Olson, Olympia

  2. Mariterese Balthrop

    A most lovely table !!!! Yes have s few of Stacy’s Candelabras too!!! Such treasures!!! I crutches into your lovely boutique on Christmas Eve and you helped me!!!! Happy New Year to you and your sweet hubby!!!!

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