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Nick’s on Madison

Wine & Dine Wednesday brings us a new Seattle restaurant, Nick’s on Madison. The above pan seared Alaskan halibut, black rice, bunapi mushrooms, radish and green curry sauce was my dinner last Friday eve. It was heavenly! We got together with our good friends Jackie & Mark. We have had a bunch of meals out of late, but I have not felt compelled to write about them. Sticking with my ‘if you don’t have something nice to say’ policy when it comes most things, but always applies to restaurants, and I have not felt moved. The food biz is one tough business, so I prefer to only feature those places we loved. This would be one such place. The moment we entered the space, it just felt good. It has a great open layout, and you instantly feel happy when you arrive. It hits the mark of being casual but you could also be dressed up and feel equally comfortable. It has a neighborhood vibe, which we always enjoy. Situated in Madison Valley, it pulls from lots of swell neighborhoods. We ran into several folks we know, which always makes the experience neighborly. Fun, creative artwork fills the walls. The service is lovely and the bar sits front and center which creates a fab energy. The menu is varied which we always like, so you can have a yummy burger right on up to a dish like the halibut I so thoroughly enjoyed. Nick Yockey, the owner, is the husband to Jackie’s niece, Ryan. She just so happens to have a women’s clothing & gift shop right next door. They are keeping it all in the family! Coming from managing restaurants, this is his first solo venture. What I love about independently owned places, be it a retail shop or restaurant, is the owner often is there. You feel cared for. The establishment becomes an extension of who they are. Nick is one heck of a nice guy, and that is reflected in his restaurant. We will go back again and again. If you see us, please say hi! Click here for the website with the address and hours. Tell Nick ‘The Teds’ sent you.



A Super Easy App Board

We are of the mindset that entertaining does not, actually in our case ‘should not’ be stressful or complicated. I think that is what stops folks from creating a gathering or hosting a dinner. Our Sunday suppers out on the island are case in point. They come at the end of a busy, long week. Yet, we love, no make that capital LOVE, having friends and family out. So we try super hard not to overdue and stress ourselves out. Hence, a super easy appetizer board for when guest first arrive. They have had a ferry ride as well as it being in the middle of the day, so we know they are hungry. Start time is always 2. It is not really a lunch, but it is plenty before supper. We like to sit and chat with a cocktail when everyone first arrives. The app board makes it easy to nosh as stories are told. The above what I whipped up on Sunday. Radishes cut to lots of sizes along with Irish butter and French sea salt. A triple-creme cheese next to crackers and sliced seeded baguette. Then a personal favorite I learned from the chef at Prune in NYC, Gabrielle Hamilton. I have enjoyed this there so many times. Crack open a tin of sardines, nestle a mound of Triscuits next to it, as well as a jar of Dijon and a dish of cornichons. The combo is incredibly satisfying. This board was enjoyed and pretty darn near empty by the time a little beach walk was on the agenda. Bowls of cherries or small tomatoes or olives is also easy to add. As well as a piece of smoked salmon or slices of salami. It really is much more about “composing” rather than cooking. I guarantee, no one will care. Cheers to relaxing entertaining!



Ted’s Tip No. 212

Often grocery store floral departments can have awesome deals on orchids. They usually last for months and months, breathing a happy hit of flowery life into any corner of your home they grace.



A Sunday Thought



My Favorite Things Today

The next few months as I shoot goods for the new WK website will be pretty product steady on the blog as I like to keep you all in the loop. With other social media channels like Instagram or our Edition e-mailed newsletters, I know folks get to see merchandise posts on a fairly consistent basis. It is a bit of a juggle but my goal is to keep everything and everyone who is interested up to date. While the blog posts have always meant to be much more than just what is going on at the shops, I do know there are those that follow along as they like to see ‘what’s new’ on the shelves. Which brings me to My Favorite Things Today.



Pike Place Market Dahlias

Summer is in full bloom when the dahlias start appearing in flower stall after flower stall at the Market. I can get a little lightheaded with glee over all the beauty. This Flower Friday brings big dinner plate dreamy dahlias. Believe me, I realize how fortunate we are to live in a climate where these thrive. Each petal a work of art, each stem a treasure. Have a lovely last week-end in July everyone!



A Green Door

Work on Little Hawthorne is progressing each day. Things will look quite a bit different when we arrive in August than they did when we left at the end of May. We get lots of updates from caretaker Bill each week. Our niece Aisling who is studying to get her masters degree has stepped in to help with the exterior painting–a fun summer diversion from school. It is hugely meaningful to have family help on this project while we are away. The main goal has been to try and make the house look like it ‘belongs’ to/with the other house. Not twins but brothers born 30+ years apart. That your eye will look at them both and they relate to one another. First item on the very long list was a new door. We then had it painted the same vibrant green of the door at Hawthorne. Next up was taking down the metal railings that were super dated and we had identical wood railings built to match the other house. Dark green painted steps that are at Hawthorne now mimic those. Lastly, the light fixture will go and a galvanized version like we have at Hawthorne will replace it. Bit by bit, it is all coming together. Looking forward to showing you the inside once we are back. The transformation has been so fun to watch by way of photos. We can’t wait to get back and see it with our own eyes!



Timeless Jewelry at WK

Yesterday was spent shooting more goods for the new website coming in November. Jewelry was top of the list. Here are a few highlights that caught my eye. Timeless is what I am going for when filling up the shop cases.



Leaf Loveliness

It is that time of year again. The sunny days creating foliage that is just crazy good. TPS clipped back all the leggy scented geraniums yesterday, giving me a vase full of loveliness to take back to town. This is when single stem vases come to the rescue. Each clipping is so darn pretty I want it to shine solo. By dotting then around the apartment we will get a visual hit of beauty at every turn. My idea for this post is not so much about geraniums but about any leafy stems you like that you want to highlight. They last a super long time and can give flowers a run for their money.



Ted’s Tip No. 211

As glorious dahlia season begins, keep in mind, the simpler the better with these gems. Sometimes one can be so big and beautiful that it is all that is needed and a single stem vase is the way to roll. Or bunch a grouping of one vibrant variety/color together to create a showstopper.