Creativity in Many Forms

July 18, 2019

As I was driving down to the shops yesterday from the apartment I snapped this image when I was stopped at one of the traffic lights along the way. It got me thinking about creativity and all the different forms that takes. Our fabulously cool Rem Koolhaas library stands as a beautiful sculptural piece of architecture in the middle of the city. Watching the team clean the windows made me think of how even everyday tasks such as cleaning windows can be a creative endeavor. It is just up to our mindset on how we approach it. It can either be an arduous task or one in which we see the poetic beauty of the movements and ultimately the beauty of the final result. Be it doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher or shopping for groceries–or a host of other activities. It is our mindset during the process that allows us to see the beauty in that moment.