A Green Door

July 25, 2019

Work on Little Hawthorne is progressing each day. Things will look quite a bit different when we arrive in August than they did when we left at the end of May. We get lots of updates from caretaker Bill each week. Our niece Aisling who is studying to get her masters degree has stepped in to help with the exterior painting–a fun summer diversion from school. It is hugely meaningful to have family help on this project while we are away. The main goal has been to try and make the house look like it ‘belongs’ to/with the other house. Not twins but brothers born 30+ years apart. That your eye will look at them both and they relate to one another. First item on the very long list was a new door. We then had it painted the same vibrant green of the door at Hawthorne. Next up was taking down the metal railings that were super dated and we had identical wood railings built to match the other house. Dark green painted steps that are at Hawthorne now mimic those. Lastly, the light fixture will go and a galvanized version like we have at Hawthorne will replace it. Bit by bit, it is all coming together. Looking forward to showing you the inside once we are back. The transformation has been so fun to watch by way of photos. We can’t wait to get back and see it with our own eyes!