Nick’s on Madison

July 31, 2019

Wine & Dine Wednesday brings us a new Seattle restaurant, Nick’s on Madison. The above pan seared Alaskan halibut, black rice, bunapi mushrooms, radish and green curry sauce was my dinner last Friday eve. It was heavenly! We got together with our good friends Jackie & Mark. We have had a bunch of meals out of late, but I have not felt compelled to write about them. Sticking with my ‘if you don’t have something nice to say’ policy when it comes most things, but always applies to restaurants, and I have not felt moved. The food biz is one tough business, so I prefer to only feature those places we loved. This would be one such place. The moment we entered the space, it just felt good. It has a great open layout, and you instantly feel happy when you arrive. It hits the mark of being casual but you could also be dressed up and feel equally comfortable. It has a neighborhood vibe, which we always enjoy. Situated in Madison Valley, it pulls from lots of swell neighborhoods. We ran into several folks we know, which always makes the experience neighborly. Fun, creative artwork fills the walls. The service is lovely and the bar sits front and center which creates a fab energy. The menu is varied which we always like, so you can have a yummy burger right on up to a dish like the halibut I so thoroughly enjoyed. Nick Yockey, the owner, is the husband to Jackie’s niece, Ryan. She just so happens to have a women’s clothing & gift shop right next door. They are keeping it all in the family! Coming from managing restaurants, this is his first solo venture. What I love about independently owned places, be it a retail shop or restaurant, is the owner often is there. You feel cared for. The establishment becomes an extension of who they are. Nick is one heck of a nice guy, and that is reflected in his restaurant. We will go back again and again. If you see us, please say hi! Click here for the website with the address and hours. Tell Nick ‘The Teds’ sent you.