Near & Far by Lisa Fine

October 22, 2019

Went to a wonderful lunch yesterday in the city hosted by my friend Deborah Needleman along with Stellene Volandes who is the editor in chief at Town & Country magazine in honor of Lisa Fine and her lovely new book, Near & Far. It became a small, small world as many of it folks attending I ended up having some connection to in some way. I find it endlessly fascinating how people are connected through places, friends, work. The book is absolutely beautiful, shot by the uber talented Miguel Flores-Vianna, who I had interviewed for an article I wrote awhile back for FLOWER magazine. Again, more small world connections. Then it was off for an afternoon of bumming around the city and then a yummy fried chicken supper and beyond fun eve with our friend and one of the funniest people I know, author Lisa Birnbach. Cheers to small world connections! They make the world seem much more gentler and not so overwhelming. Happy, happy Tuesday all. X, T