Filming on the Universal Lot for ‘Home & Family’

November 13, 2019

Well, that was quite a morning! We flew back to Seattle last night and yesterday feels like a bit of a dream. A really, really fun dream. I was asked many months ago if I would come to Los Angeles and set a dining table for a Thanksgiving segment on the daily show ‘Home & Family’ which airs on the Hallmark channel. Of course I was thrilled by the invitation and jumped at the chance! You all know how much I love to set a stylish table.

So there we were, pulling into the Universal lot, Bailey on my lap, signing in to head to the set for the show. TPS driving around all these sets we recognized from movies and tv shows over the years. Kind of a riot. The ‘Home & Family’ set is actually a house. Each room a stage set for individual segments. So while one segment is being shot, another is being set up. At least 30 folks are buzzing around getting things ready and ultimately shooting each segment. It is all highly organized and orchestrated.

Erika from the shop flew down to help me, as each and everything on that table had to be unpacked in a quick amount of time. I would set most of the table before cameras started rolling. Then a quick trip into hair & makeup to get camera ready. The host for my segment was Cameron Mathison. Such a nice guy, instantly made me feel relaxed. We had a fun banter while setting up the rest of the table while the cameras were rolling. Let’s just say 6 minutes goes by in the blink of an eye. 6 minutes turned into 9! I get quite passionate about my table settings and like to talk. Insert very large smile. A total blast. I hope you like it and can tune in today at 10 this morning, 9 Central time. If the segment ends up being able to be linked, I will be sure to let you know and post it.