Blue Table Vignette

November 19, 2019

The shops are brimming with extra special treats at the moment. Well, I try to have it be that way all throughout the year but there is just something about ornaments that kick up the visual a notch. We have trees snuggled into displays which gives the vignettes they grace another layer of goodness. The blue splatterware plates & bowls I also have a fondness for, they are just so darn cool looking.

A fun new aspect of the blog refresh is now you can shop right off of it. As you know, I write my daily post each morning as soon as I get up, on my phone. Now through the wonders of magic (I sometimes call tech stuff magic, as I have no idea how it works, but I love the outcome) once Chelsea gets to the shop at 10, she will do her computer magic and add links to a bunch of the goods in the above photo. Viola!