Setting a Thanksgiving Table

November 27, 2019

Setting a table is very much like getting dressed, you first put on the basics, then you start layering. This concept is true for any table setting, but for Thanksgiving it gets amped up as quite often you are setting a table for more people than you usually do. My biggest suggestion is have fun and don’t let it stress you out. You want to revel in hosting this holiday not be exhausted before your guests arrive. Do your darndest to be have a good time at your own party/dinner/holiday. Setting the table before folks arrive will take tons of stress off your place. For today, the table I set a few weeks on the Home & Family show in Los Angeles will be the example. Run in whatever direction you like. I am just giving ideas. Make that table your own and it will sing!

Pull out your finest china or whatever set that makes you happy. Or plain creamy white plates which are often my go-to for every day as well as holiday. Use a scarf as the tablecloth if you like. My biggest rule with setting a table is there are no rules. If you don’t have a complete setting of silverware or glassware, mix & match. Personally, I think it is more fun and makes for a more creative table. Again, there are no rules! Find a napkin that picks up some colors of the tablecloth. There you have the basics set. Now we layer. Add candlesticks with tapers, votives, tealights. Then flowers. Kale is one of my tricks. I love how earthy a big bunch looks. Often, I pick up all the extras like blooms from the grocery store when I am picking up everything else. One stop shopping. Hydrangea or tulips are always festive and happy and are often available year round at the grocer. Cut low and put into little bottles. We collect vintage bottles and have them at the ready. For this table birds were the them, so I added bird vases and owl cups we sell at the shop. Use whatever you have that brings you joy. Little salt & pepper cellars scream ‘extra special’ to me so I love to bring them out for a holiday table. If you or someone in your house has nice penmanship, make place cards. Then add a sweet treat as a parting gift to the plate. I promise, that will be a major winner. Lastly, I always add a few dominos from our travels. They spark a bit of conversation. Add something that holds meaning to you, that guests will find pleasing visually and enjoy telling the story on how and when you found it. Add a small pumpkin or two and you are off and running. My main tip is have fun with it all! Hosting guests is one of the most gracious things. Enjoy every moment of it. X, T