Vinegar Chicken With Crushed Olive Dressing

January 2, 2020

Wine & Dine Wednesday on Thursday this week. Insert large smile. We have hit the relaxation mode here at Hawthorne where the days start melding together, and at times you are not completely clear on what day it actually is. I love that feeling. Time takes a backseat. The above the top rated recipe for The New York Times last year, by Alison Roman. The minute I read about it last month I could not wait to make it. The other eve was the supper to do it. Followed it pretty close but we had skin-on, bone-in thighs so I used them instead of a variety. Will try the variety of pieces next time as we are totally making this again. It rocked! Also, I put the chicken in a bowl initially with the olive oil and turmeric as I really wanted it to get mixed evenly, but even that was not necessary. Doing it on the sheet pan would be totally fine. Just know turmeric can be messy so have paper towels at the ready to dry your hands after you wash them. It can stain the heck out of things real quick. But oh my, is it ever one of the stars of this dish! So good. I made jasmine rice along with a big steak of cauliflower that I roasted in the oven at the same time the chicken cooked away. Both worked quite nicely with the vinegar-y turmeric chicken. But in my mind the crushed olive dressing made along with the pan drippings the shining star bringing the whole dish together. As I said, will make this dish again and again.