A Saturday Supper

January 5, 2020

Green always comes into play when setting a table at Hawthorne. At least in some way, sometimes in a big way. Last night it was full-stop with the hue. Chelsea from WK made us playing cards with our image on it for Christmas gifts this year. Loved them so much we thought it would be fun to have her make them for our guests as place cards.

The grocery store carnations adding a bit of ruffly fun to the table. The potted paperwhites just about to open. We sell the geranium placemats at WK. I love how they work on top of the English oilcloth tablecloth to add another layer to the table.

In our quest to always be meeting new folks in our hood, we love any chance to break bread. I met a contributing editor of Town & Country magazine, William, at a book launch in the city on our October stay. Small world, he lives not far from us on the weekends, and was an acquaintance of our friends Frank & Scott who own The Inn at Kenmore Hall. It made for lively supper conversation!

Our tradition is we celebrate ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ once we arrive on the 25th. Being in the retail biz, we devote so much, happily so, of our energy to our customers during the Holidays. Once we arrive at Hawthorne, it becomes our time to let the spirit of the season envelop us.