Friendship and Paella

January 12, 2020

Friendship and an oversized pan of divine paella. Hard to beat. Such was the case last night for our annual ‘Holiday’ party with a group of friends that we have been gathering with to honor the season for over 30+ years. We take turns hosting it–this year it was our friends Kate & Kevin, and their son Aubin. They are the owners of Central Cimema, and their home is just a few short blocks from the theater. Many years ago their gift in our ‘gift game exchange’ was a similar pan that we are the proud owners of which kicked us off to making paella out at WestWard. To be surrounded by old friends in a gathering that has become a tradition is incredibly meaningful. Over the years new folks join the circle as friends get married. Some have moved away but fly back to be part of the festivities. Our dear Whitney left this world much too soon, yet we always feel her with us and we have a glass/glasses of Veuve in her honor. My reason for this post, really at any age, is hold close those friends you hold dearest. It becomes such a rich journey to travel it with those you love.