Anatomy Of A Shop Vignette

January 30, 2020

Barb asked me, “What are you going to do for this table?” My response, “I have absolutely no idea.” Then the wheels start churning. I walk around looking for inspiration. This is a table I often set as a dining table to show ideas on what you can put together. Then I found a cool old book we had that was falling apart. The pages would make a cool collage as a sort of ‘tablecloth’ for the table. A little double stick tape and I was off and running!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought a table for two would work nicely. Hits of red to work against the creamy of the old pages. Then I walk around looking for inspiration in the goods we have. The creamy plates with the old china markings would work nicely. Then I just start layering. As I have said before, setting a display or a dining table is a lot like getting dressed.

The collection of vintage brass candlesticks we always offer would work perfectly scattered in the middle with our WK extra tall beeswax tapers giving it all some nice height. More layering. The oversized vintage French pickling jar would center things. A quick spin over to our next door neighbor, Cone & Steiner, produced some blooms to add. I cut them super short so it had a terrarium feel–that the flowers were growing inside.

I call all of our vignettes, working displays, as goods get sold from them so things get replaced. Plus something new might catch my eye in a few days or a few weeks that I might add. Layering, always layering. Evolving, always evolving.