Green LOVE

February 18, 2020

A week of display began yesterday. Some of my very favorite days. The little bit of Valentine goods we had left distributed amongst existing displays or put away for next year. The big window units that face out to First Avenue were de-Valentine-d and given a good clean. Today they get a new paint job. Oh they are going to be fun! More on that later this week. Above a little slice of the front table I am working on that will get finished today. Along with the large area to the left of when you first walk in, which we lovingly refer to as Green Land. So much of retail and being a shopkeeper is about keeping things fresh. You want it to be a visual feast for the eyes, as well as soul. A gentleman asked me yesterday when I was knee deep into a display, “How do you choose all of this?” Which is a great question, which I am asked often. There is not a single item in the shops I have not personally chosen, and I do so out of the love for the goods. Just in the same way we fill our homes, which is always my biggest advice to anyone in regards to design. Only buy it or keep it if you truly love it. If that remains the goal, you will always find a spot for the object. Plus your home will be layered. And you will feel that love and your guests will too.