Display Days

February 20, 2020

Ahhhhhhh, display days. Some of my very favorite days. A blank canvas that by the end of the day is filled in. I promise we sell other things that are not green, but the green areas are what I have been tackling these past few days. Feels so good to give them a refresh as the sunshine beats through the big windows. Did I say sunshine? We needed it terribly bad. We were treated to a real gem of a day yesterday!

The oversized vintage green French table that anchors Green Land was emptied, cleaned, then bit by bit came back to life. Symmetry is quite important to me as you can tell from this display. I find great comfort in it. The concept is strong yet soothes the eye. It is often my starting point for a large display.

The above three units getting a complete re-do too, as well as the long space running the length of the big widows looking out to Spring Street & First Avenue. There I chose clear glass, objects with white in them with hints of green. Today the display plinths get full attention. Oh my, they are going to be fun! Can’t wait to share those with you all. Have a lovely Thursday. X, T