Sun Valley

March 1, 2020

We are in Sun Valley, Idaho for a long week-end on our annual family ski trip. While I don’t ski, I do ‘week-end’ quite well! It is such beautiful country. We have been coming to Sun Valley over the years and it is fascinating to watch it grown in between our visits. It is beyond peak season, so it has a much more relaxed vibe that we quite like. While everyone skis I am enjoying the view, writing & reading, with Bailey right by my side. Surrounding myself with beauty is of great importance to me. So while I might not relish being out playing in the snow, I do love looking out at it. The home we rented has huge windows throughout, so you are treated to the snow covered mountains at every turn. Once everyone is done skiing for the day, leisurely evenings of cooking, story telling and many laughs are on the menu. Sun Valley has some pretty fab shopping too, which is always on my list, as I gain inspiration from other shopkeepers, even if what they do is completely different than Watson Kennedy. I am inspired to see the passion other folks bring to their business, be it retail and even restaurants. Details done well always get my creative juices flowing. A change of scenery is always a good thing in my book. It is how we learn and grow. Be it a day trip or an extended stay.