Polishing Silver

March 18, 2020

Doing everything possible to relieve a bit of stress as I am sure you all are. For me polishing silver ranks pretty high on my list to help any worries drift away for a bit. Plus it is hugely satisfying. Our collection of vintage English hotel silver we have collected over the years was looking less than stellar. The other morning after taking Bailey out I looked at it, shook my head, and headed right for the cabinet where we store the polish. I use Wright’s Silver Cream, which is in a small tub. It has a sponge inside that you use to apply the cream/polish. I do it over the sink as I end up washing the pieces with soap and water when I am done. Then dry the piece off with a dry cotton towel and they all look like new. As I have already said, the process is crazy satisfying. We use the silver in some way almost every day so we leave it all out at the ready. That way we can enjoy it visually when not in use and can easily reach for it when a piece is called into action. Using silver in your day to day is such a simple luxury. And I don’t know about you, but my guess we are on the same page with this one, I am clinging to all the little things that bring me happiness & joy in a very big way right now. Simple things or routines that add so much to our day.