This Is Our Now

March 27, 2020

I have been thinking of this for the last week—how we can not let these unsettling times define us. We must not let it rob us of our joy, for this is our now. This is when we live. Babies will be born, birthdays will be had, amazing meals will be made. It can be very easy to let this overwhelm us. But we must not. Let’s laugh and cry and sing. Let’s be captivated by the beauty of a flower, the sound of birds singing that wakes us up in the morning. I saw the sweetest couple walking their new little puppy yesterday morning when I was out walking Bailey. What a joyous sight that was. For this is their now and they will treasure the memories of when their pooch was a puppy. My friend Joanne who is ever so wise and ever so stylish wrote the other day, “love the life you have this moment.” I could not agree more, for this is the time given to us, this is our now.