FaceTime Shopping With Ted

March 31, 2020

Monday is my day to be solo at the First & Spring shop to complete orders from the previous week. I had Chopin filling the air as I worked away. One of the purchases was for a customer that I had a question about one of her items. I gave her a quick call and during the conversation she said, “Well, why don’t we just FaceTime that way I can see all my options?” So while I was describing things she actually got to see the goods in real time. Plus she got to hear the music and see the space. For a bit of time she was in Watson Kennedy being transported. Thus began my FaceTime Shopping With Ted. Social distancing at its finest! Here is how it works. Text me with your name and what you have in mind for your shopping. Like, I have 4 friends I want to send care packages to cheer them up during these stressful times. Or, my mom’s birthday is coming up, she lives in Palm Beach and I want you to ship something really special for me to her. You get the idea. That way I can wrap my head around some ideas before we chat. Then we can talk about a time to schedule our call that works for us both. Pretty darn easy. So if you want to do a little personalized shopping, text me at 206.617.9678 and we can get the ball rolling. I promise we will have a laugh or two, as well!