Watson Kennedy Care Packages

April 14, 2020

Happy Tuesday all! A part of me feels weird typing that, but even with all that is going on in our world, I know we want to keep happiness majorly in the mix.

Today is about WK Care Packages. These have proven to be a huge hit this past month. A way to send some love to a friend or family member, or many friends and many family. We have done one for lots of folks and done big groupings for others. They can be created for $50 up to $500 or more. Filled with all sorts of goodness. These two are on our website, but they are just a starting point. Most customers text or call me at 206.617.9678, my direct number. The dialogue begins. Who it is for, what they want to spend, directions they want to go, like all food. Many are just like, “Truly Ted, you decide and put together what you think!” Which I am more than happy to do. You let us know what you would like the note to say. Then we are off and running. The care packages are such a fun way to spread a little love and let loved ones know you are thinking of them during this very unique time in the world.