Simplicity And The Little Things

April 16, 2020

This post is really about two things. The driving force for this simple table last night for supper was two new taper candles being called into action. If these last six weeks has taught us anything, it is to revel in the simple things. Compassion tops my list, but that is for a later post. I truly was excited to light the fresh tapers. Sort of the feeling you get with new shoes. I had cleaned up the candlesticks in the morning and looked forward to lighting them up throughout the day. Again, simple pleasures. From there it was a matter of off-white keeping the palette nice and light. I have been finding old Wedgwood pieces to go with one that was a gift to us. Their simplicity without flowers and their beautiful lines reinforcing the theme. Chicken breast stuffed with chèvre was on the menu. The food actually matched the table setting. But the table was a reminder to myself and to all of us, that cherishing the little things each day should always be right up there towards the top of our list.