A Negroni

April 22, 2020

Wine & Dine Wednesday brings us a new favorite cocktail recipe for, the Negroni. This is a drink that I enjoyed in my showroom days, sort of forgot about it, was served one a few years ago by friends, and have fully embraced them once again. Italian in heritage, they are an aperitif. Meaning something you enjoy before a meal. They pack a punch, so for me it is always just one. Had with an outdoor shower at WestWard before I start in on putting supper together is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a Negroni. They are also quite fun to make a big tray of them for when folks first arrive to a dinner party.

In a rocks glass or tumbler, add a good amount of ice. Then pour a shot of gin, a shot of vermouth rosso, and a shot of Campari. These should all be equal parts. The color combination is quite something. Lastly, twist an orange slice over the concoction and add said slice to the drink. Stir. Be happy.