TKW On ‘Five Things With Lisa Birnbach’ Podcast

April 30, 2020

Check out the conversation I had with my friend Lisa tomorrow on her much loved podcast 5 Things with Lisa Birnbach. We have the type of friendship where we could chat and laugh together for hours. She is the funniest person I have ever met. Smart funny. Lisa observes the world in a truly beautiful and humorous way. The topic of the podcast is, How To Survive Quarantine In Style. Check it out tomorrow at

As I said, we love to chat and time just flew by so I did not get to all of my list. Not surprising. I love a tangent when chatting and storytelling. Oh my word, I can hear my friends screaming with laughter at the truth in that! So here is my full list for you.

Light candles, even in the morning.

Polish silver. You will be amazed at how therapeutic it is.

Have fresh flowers. SO good for the soul.

Wash your bed linens twice as often as you normally do. A fresh bed is heaven.

Use your produce as a visual. A big bowl of fruit is a beautiful sight.

Set the table for each meal. Treat every meal as special. Because it is!

Turn down dimmers for lighting. It instantly makes the space cozier.

Light extra candles while dining. I promise you will be happier.

Have relaxing music playing on low in the background throughout the day. For me, it is Classic King FM.

Use your favorite room spray, liberally. Gives a room an instant refresh.

Rehang artwork. It will give a wall a completely new look.

Rearrange a shelf/shelves. It can take a matter of minutes but the result will bring instant joy.

Add a stack of comfy throw blankets next to your sofa. That way you can curl up to read or nap and be extra comfy.

Move your furniture around. It refreshes a room and doesn’t cost a penny.

Make your dining table your desk. It allows you to spread your work out while giving you a different view.

Have a proper cocktail hour. Get dressed up for.

Open up your windows wide. Gives an instant Spring cleaning feel.

And lastly, use the good stuff! Bring out the beautiful old silver. Open up that special bottle of wine you have been saving.