Gigantic Geranium

May 8, 2020

Flower Friday brings a potted geranium picked up at my beloved Bert’s in Madison Park last Saturday when we did our weekly grocery shop. I had spied a grouping of them the week prior, but passed, just not sure where one would live and get the proper sun in the apartment. Their size quite something for under 20 bucks. But I kept thinking about this one the entire week. Fingers crossed, the gem was still there when we arrived. It is moving back and forth from the dining table to the bar in the kitchen right next to the window, seeming to be loving the light it is getting and has begun to flower. The candlelight illuminating a section of it as I was setting the table. I am always keeping a watchful eye to revel in these small moments. They seem to take on even greater importance during these times. Sending all of you the very best healthy vibes as we head into Mother’s Day week-end. X, T