L’Intrus Cabernet Franc

May 13, 2020

I have been doing our weekly grocery shop early in the morning at one of my favorite Seattle places, Bert’s in Madison Park. I have written a bunch in the past of my love of their flowers and plants they offer. Those are always the draw for me. But given our world situation, shopping where there are not a slew of folks also shopping rates high on my list. Plus I have always loved their tight, best of the best selection. You can do a shop in no time, and their wine section is fab! This gem has caught my eye for the last few weeks. Full disclosure, a cool font and interesting label gets me every time. This is easy drinking wine, that we have just paired with food up to this point. Last night I had a glass with barbecue chicken TPS had made out on the island and we had in town as leftovers. It was pretty perfect. Will reach for it time and again when doing a quick shop.

Now a little wine speak from the vintner: With a vibrant red color, still filled with delicate purple hues, l’Intrus shines on the nose with dominant notes of freshly-squeezed berries, raspberry and blueberry. Add some hints of green pepper and peppermint for freshness and you are with a tempting, remarkably vibrant aromatic expression. The palate equally charms with a juicy mouthfeel like fresh berry mixed-berry juice. The typicity of Cabernet Franc is there with violet flower and ripe berry flavors for a succulent for an exciting tasting experience, thirst-quenching, fruity and salivating. An easy wine to love. Perfect pairing wine for mildly-flavored meat dishes, antipasti and appetizers.