Outdoor Dining

May 14, 2020

This is the earliest in the year we have ever moved the dining table outside at WestWard. Typing that sentence makes me wildly happy. The sun was out in glorious force this week-end, so we grabbed the chance and made the swap out of tables. We have a little square white dining table that we store away during the cold, rainy months and the long zinc topped table lives inside. My idea for this post is really about enjoying meals outside. With so much of life centered indoors at the moment, the chance to get some fresh air along with a change of scenery, even if it is your backyard or balcony, will do the mind, body and spirit a world of good. It was also the start of barbecue season, as TPS fired up the grill. It was one of the better barbecue chicken dinners in memory. The bliss of the moment along with the sunshine certainly added to that assessment. Cheers to enjoying a meal or meals alfresco!