A Time To Do Better

June 3, 2020

Now more than ever, I think that striving to be a better person is vital. My faith is incredibly personal to me–I much prefer to live it in my actions each day than talk or write about it. But these times are trying. The hate filling the air palpable. While love in all things is my prevailing message, equality for EVERY person is equal in that message. That no person is less than another. I wrote to my friend Jackie the other evening, “I had thought we had come so far.” But we have not. So it is up to all of us to do better. In big and small ways. Racism has no place in the world. Be aware of the privileges you have that others may not, just because of the color of your skin. Listen. Ask questions. But also speak up and speak out, as we can no longer be silent. Sending you all much love, Ted