Old Photos and Thoughts Of Love

June 24, 2020

My sister in Kansas City texted my other sister, my brother and me last eve this photo of our parents. It was one I had never seen. How stylish my 20 year old parents looked! The sweetness of the words my mother wrote at the top of the image, My Marine. Equally sweet, what she wrote on the back, “Remember this day.” With all that is going on in the world, it was a reminder in the good and the bad, that we must ‘remember this day’ and make the very best out of it. For my mom, it all had to be terrifying. She had lost her brother to war and now she was sending off her husband. She was making the very best of it she could. They had a great love, lasting over 40 years before my father died of melanoma at 61. My mother living to 92, never remarrying, always signing her name, Mrs. Kennedy Watson. So let’s all fight the good fight to correct the wrongs of the world in our own way–but let’s also savor the times with friends & family, that incredible meal you just enjoyed, those stunning flowers on your bedside table, and remember this day. X