Hydrangea & Geranium

June 26, 2020

Flower Friday as a new season begins, two tight little bouquets of hydrangea that were a gift, and an overflowing big bucket of geranium that gets fuller as the weeks pass by. My next book, on entertaining and being a good host, has me setting and testing all sorts of tables these past weeks. Usually I am setting them for a real supper or party that I then shoot, but given the state of the world at the moment, we are not hosting any sit down meals. We have had a few ‘socially distant’ suppers where one couple sits on one side of the deck and we sit on the other. Not ideal, but it is stretching our ideas of ‘hosting’ as well as quenching our thirst to be with family & friends. So it is. Making the very best of it. As I know you all are. So no, this was not an intimate supper for eight, but a guy can dream… The flowers a tremendous salve to the current world situation. They make me incredibly happy. I hope they do you too! A lovely last week-end in June awaits. Let’s all make it a grand one. X, T