Book Update

August 4, 2020

Folks have been asking when they come into the shops, so I thought I would give a little update. My second book is underway, as many of you know. I have been taking the chance with all this glorious weather out on the island to shoot lots of images, tables, vignettes. This inspires me to write about them as well as the process of entertaining and ultimately how to be a good host. Creating a book is much like that of putting together a puzzle. There are tons of pieces initially, but once you get started, things start falling into place. Bookery takes awhile. My work needs to be to my publisher about this time next year. From there the editing and layout begins. The final product will be released to the world in Spring of 2022. It might seem far off, but it really is not, as the puzzle is multilayered. I am styling the shots, photographing them myself and then writing about it all. I love that I am involved in all aspects of the project but it also makes the timing aspect of it all vital, as each component takes time. It really is a blast. My hope is this becomes a ‘guide’ of sorts for those new to entertaining as well as be a treasure trove of ideas for the seasoned expert. I will update you all along the way. It really is quite fun to have you along for this journey. We make very good travel partners… X, T