The Classics, Continued

August 6, 2020

Oh my, what fun this all is. Thought it might be. Actually, make that, I knew it would be. My friend, artist Mindy Carpenter and I have a very similar aesthetic as well as work ethic. So I knew this process would be joyful. Another box of gems arrived yesterday with the above. Click here to be taken to her page on the Watson Kennedy site. More and more are in the works too! Also, and here is the skinny on these, once one sells, it does not mean it goes away. Mindy will paint another of it. So if you fell in love with the Tretorn shoe and it is no longer on the site or shop walls–DM, text, call or e-mail me and we can get one in the works for you. The idea here is that the collection of classics will be ever evolving, but all will be available all along the way.

Heather painted the big front window walls for me the other day. A bright, bright happy yellow. The next few days I will work on the windows. Getting excited for the possibility of our boards coming down soon. Artist Jeanne McKay Hartmann, who is also a friend, is bringing by her latest round of works later today. So a creative few days ahead filled with display and art. My heart full. A lovely Thursday to you all!