Takeout & Delivery

September 10, 2020

Being safe during this time is of paramount importance, absolutely. But being a small business owner, I also see the tremendous need for all of us to do our small part in helping restaurants at this time too. Believe me, I am the very fortunate recipient each day of that support, as well. My beloved loyal customers have stepped up to the plate in such a big way, and continue to do so each day, it makes my heart swell. The folks that own/cook/create/serve and absolutely everything in between are a very special group of exceptional humans. The hard work involved, the commitment, the passion. While dining inside their establishments might not be possible at this time at some places, takeout & delivery quite often is. We have been doing our darndest each week to support our local favorites. Make a night of it. Set a pretty table. Light some candles. While I know this is not possible for everyone, for those who can, we must all band together to help this community that means so much to each of our cities and towns. The interest, personality and flavor (both literally and figuratively) eateries add is immense. Cheers to spreading the love! X, T