Well Traveled Dahlias

September 18, 2020

Flower Friday all about a bunch of well traveled dahlias that started at the Market shop, hopped on a ferry for a week-end of island fun, hopped on that ferry back into the city, and are now gracing us with their beauty at the end of the dining table for visual enjoyment throughout the week. Living in a heavy Tiffany Atlas ice bucket arranged sort of how I found them in their bucket at the flower stall when first spotting them. We are getting every ounce of enjoyment from these simple beauties. Have a divine week-end darlings. Our friend Joanne in Boston often writes that term of endearment, which I quite like. In this day and age, any thoughtful sweet sentiment gladly accepted. For our bi-monthly WK newsletter the other day, I wrote, ‘Be well. Stay safe. Spread love.’ I’m sticking with love. I am convinced that is going to get us headed in the right direction. X, T