Mums, Leaves and Roses

October 9, 2020

My post the other day about transporting ourselves to Hawthorne by way of photos still very much the case on this Flower Friday as October really is a beyond dreamy month in our little valley. That is where my love affair with big pots of chrysanthemums began. They absolutely speak of the season. We pick up big pots of them and fill the old zinc buckets with the heavily flowered beauties.

But the star of the show this time of year are the leaves. From arrival to departure they become an integral part of that stay and one of the most memorable parts of the seasonal story.

And I would be remiss if the heavily petaled roses did not get a shout-out on this flowery day. We get lots of blooms from a big flower farm in Ghent that always makes my head spin with utter joy when I visit them as their offerings are always exceptional. These roses absolutely speaking of the season. So there you have it! A little flowery trip without having to head to the airport. Have a lovely, lovely Autumn October week-end everyone. X, T