Domaine du Cros ‘Cuvée VV’ Vieilles Vignes

October 14, 2020

Yes, I will absolutely admit that this label caught my eye instantly. The strong graphic and Roman numeral vibe had me. Then I read the review on the hand written tag I am so fond of at our beloved island grocery store, and I was sold. I was looking for an easy wine to have with our suppers this week. This ended up being a very good choice. What is in the bottle is as snazzy as the fab label. Vieilles Vignes means ‘old vine’ in French. Again, always a good thing in my book. If you spot this bottle when perusing the wine aisles and you are looking for something tasty at 20 bucks, give it a go. Now a little wine speak:

Fer Servadou is a dark-skinned grape variety found in the wines of southwest France, most notably in the Marcillac AOC. The rustic red wines made from Fer (as it is most often refered to) tend to be medium-bodied but with firm tannins, displaying flavors of redcurrant, fig and some peppery overtones. This has proved to be pleasing to the modern palate, and plantings of Fer, while still diminutive, are on the rise.