WK in The Washington Post ‘Holiday Gift Guide’

October 29, 2020

Honored to have taken a spot in The Washington Post ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ this year. Our desk signs are always a hit! They look great on a book shelf or bedside table too. I have held off on using the “H” word as long as I could. Insert very large smile. Let the Holiday season begin! We are actually doing the big windows today at the First & Spring shop, so it is official on our end. Time this year such a weirdly flexible thing. We have had related items out on the shop floors for weeks. With shipping both in the states as well as abroad strained or at near capacity, my suggestion to everyone is start your shopping early for the best selection, as many stores and vendors won’t have an option on restocking certain goods because they can’t get them in time. Just one more thing to add to the uniqueness of 2020. And as always, but even more so now, please keep small businesses at the top of your list when shopping & dining this year. I am amazed when certain folks (not lots) ask me why so many establishments around me are closed as I am wrapping up their purchases. There is a line from one of our favorite movies by Meg Ryan that comes into my head. “I have no response to that.” You all know I like keeping it positive, but I also like keeping it very real. X, T