Be Kind, Be Positive

November 13, 2020

This Flower Friday about our Christmas trees as I realized when I woke up early on this morning that I forgot to post them these past weeks. The above shot I snapped right before the Uber picked me up after a long day of doing display. We have never used full sized trees in our windows before. They make me quite happy as we want to make things as festive as possible in this very unique of years.

The first window, called ‘Be Kind’ a smattering of all sorts of things we love at Watson Kennedy. Heather did a bang up job painting the walls a perfect red. She also scoured the greater Seattle area for vintage green mercury glass balls for me with great success.

The ‘Be Positive’ window lots more of the same made up of favorites. Art filled the walls in both vignettes. The banner messages pretty much sums up what we are all about.

Stay well all. Be incredibly careful. I know this year has been tough but we are all stronger than we know. Sending tons of love, Ted