Pillowcases For The Win

December 1, 2020

Thanksgiving supper at the apartment was just the two of us this year. I was wanting to set a cozy table with orange part of the theme of it. Setting a table should be a creative venture. You should also have lots of fun with it. We love the patina our 1863 French fruitwood dining table has acquired over the years so we rarely use a tablecloth. We do however use placemats often, as well as runners. This is where you can get creative. From the early Market shop days when we carried Pierre Frey bedding, we have some lovely pieces sitting in our linen closet. In particular these oversized European shams that have people moving about with vine like swirls and flourishes about. They were always a personal favorite. Out came the iron and ironing board. I wanted them pressed quite nicely so they did not have the look of wrinkled pillowcases. Insert very large smile! The cotton over the years from lots of washings had made them beautifully soft. I put the pair butting up against one another so when combined they were part runner, part oversized placemats. Why not? Creativity is all about seeing the possibilities. I placed a hotel silver tray, candlesticks and candles where they overlapped so the seam was not as visible. Think of using old silk scarves or pieces of fabric that you never found usage for. End result, we were happy as a clam enjoying our meal from our beloved Lark who is our neighbor a few blocks away. I made a cheese ball for the first time from a family recipe. That is in the line-up for tomorrow. Happy Tuesday and first day of December all!