It Was A Good Day

December 3, 2020

Yes, this has been one incredibly ‘unique’ year. Sub out whatever word you want for unique. I was being generous. But being a searcher of silver linings, I/we have really tried to embrace gratitude through all of this in a really big way. You know I so often reach back to the advice of my father. “Find the good.” At the end of each day, I have begun to say to myself, “It was a good day.” To focus on whatever positive happened in the day. To know when I hop into bed at night that I did the very best I could do, and be content with that. That tomorrow is a new day. This all seems so basic, but so often that is what it takes, going back to the basics. That is where my competitive tennis days along with my teaching days pop back in my head, where a major tenet of learning is to stress the importance of the basics. A friend posted the Emerson quote recently. She has gone through devastatingly hard times this year, losing her home in the California fires. She has had the most incredible outlook–I am in awe of her. So we move forward, with much gratitude, and know that today was a good day.