Early Morning Amaryllis

December 11, 2020

The anti-seizure medicine we have Bailey on has, majorly knock on wood, been working marvelously, without another incident. It is an every 8 hour dosage, so it means a very early morning up time. We take turns getting up so one of us gets a full, uninterrupted nights sleep. Today was my morning and the stillness in the apartment as well as our our fine city at 3:30 can be so beautiful. The amaryllis speaking to me to get their shot in the spotlight. In the entry hall the main potted plant that got so top heavy I had to add a thin tall branch to help support it. One stem had fallen over and snapped off earlier in the week so I snipped it. The bloom divine in every way so it found a home on the dining table in a favorite vintage Baccarat clear bulbous vessel. As Bailey enjoyed her early morning breakfast with her medicine, I snapped these images and then headed back to bed for what we like to refer to as our ‘second sleep’ right after I finished writing this Flower Friday post. Have a lovely & safe Holiday week-end all!