A Year To Never Forget

December 31, 2020

I know we are all looking forward to this year being behind us. I have started writing this post over and over as I want to be incredibly sensitive to all the loss the year has brought—of lives, of work, of businesses. The list is long. We must never forget that. But along with that let’s remember how resilient we were. How we became more compassionate of others. So often in life we experience things that others don’t or ever will. But as a world we all experienced this together. It made us feel as one. Because we are. Put aside race, religion, political affiliation, we all share more than what separates us. To me that is one of the biggest takeaways from this year 2020. That we showed love and concern for each other. Empathy is such a beautifully strong thing. As a new year begins, let’s carry the lessons of this past year with us so that they make us better, stronger and more compassionate towards others. Sending much love to you all. Thanks for following along. X, TKW

Snapped this right after we finished the retail holiday marathon at the Market shop on Christmas Eve.