Old Frames As Mirrors

January 6, 2021

Old frames picked up at flea markets or antique shops/malls can easily be made into decorative mirrors. Most frame shops can order up mirrors and have them cut to size to fit said fab vintage frame. It is a fun way to use a cool vintage find. Plus mirrors are a great highly visual way to add extra interest and light to a room. In our bedroom at Hawthorne we added a bunch to the wall in front of the bed so the light from the windows hits them, adding extra light to the room. It is also delightful to see the trees outside from all different angles in the room. At times it feels like being in a treehouse.

We picked up a variety of frames when we were out sourcing vintage goods for WK. Often frames can be had for a song as they are empty without anything in them. Many times they are holding a piece of art, so when they are free of holding anything, they are a much better deal. Perfect for adding a mirror!