Dreaming Of…

January 19, 2021

Working on the new book exclusively this past week has my head into so many images about past entertaining. I am not going to lie, I/we are missing hosting friends & family in a big way. Certainly so many of you are. It has cemented my goal of what this book is all about, the importance of breaking bread with those we love. The above image has me dreaming about dining outside with a full table of those we love, filled with laughter and good food. I always knew it was about the simple pleasures, but this last year has shown what a vital pleasure it is.

We feel so very fortunate to be able to be at Hawthorne for this extended amount of time. We missed our home away from home, not being here since last year at exactly this time. It has been an incredibly special stay. So good for our hearts as well as our minds and spirits. The old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder, applicable here in every way.

Along with dreaming of a big table of guests, travel is certainly at the top of that list too. This is our first trip in a year, traveling as safe as we could. We tested before we left Seattle, quarantined per New York guidelines and then tested again here, after. We will test after back in Seattle. Absolutely looking forward to when we can all travel and wander about the globe freely without any worry.

And lastly, dreaming big time of hugs. I grew up in a very affectionate household where hugs were given freely. Going without them for a year from friends and family, something terribly missed. Human contact so vital. But love is given and received in many glorious ways. So I will take great comfort in this little screened device that connects me to all of you. Along with the written word. How fortunate we are to all have one another and that we can connect in this very modern way. For that I give great thanks. Cheers to dreaming of whatever makes you happy! A big virtual hug from me. X, Ted