All Sorts of WK Shopping Options

January 28, 2021

Last year taught us all quite a bit. Many things we knew quite well while other things we experienced for the first time—about life, about loss, how to adapt, how to be resilient, how to think out of the box, to think of others, to find different routes to our happiness, that gratitude is key, the importance of caring for others. The list could go on and on. For me professionally, retail was put on its head and shaken all about. I think retail will be forever changed. So we adapt and get better at what we do. This is where my competitive spirit from my tennis days kicks into overdrive. We turned a lemon of a year into a good amount of lemonade. And for all of you who were part of that for us, we are eternally grateful. I hear from so many of you how you long to stroll our aisles, hear Ella fill the beautifully scented air, while your eyes land on treat after treat. To be transported. I also know many of you have ventured out very little so the idea of doing so can be quite stressful. We have you covered. We offer lots of ways to get the Watson Kennedy experience with little to no contact. Check out the front page of our website for {Private Shopping} options, before we open each day as well as right after we close up shop in the early eve.

I am available for {FaceTime with Ted} appointments so you can cozy up in your favorite chair at home while we virtually walk around the shop together. You can shop the Watson Kennedy site 24/7 where we are adding new goods daily. We offer non-contact curbside service at both of our locations. I work with folks directly for corporate gift giving, on both a large & small scale. Our {Care Packages} with new packages added each month have become a huge hit. End result, we are here for your gift giving needs in a variety of ways.

Just know I am a phone call or text away. Shopping should be a joy. And fun! The personal connection brings me and all of us at WK a tremendous amount of happiness. I do this because I love this. Making people happy is what we do. It is in my DNA.

We have all sorts of fun new things planned for this year! Huge THANKS always, for following along. X, Ted at 206.617.9678